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== GenPlay Launcher ==
== How to launch GenPlay ==
Click on one of the following links to start GenPlay using Java Web Start.
The buttons specify the maximum amount of memory allocated to GenPlay.
Try to find a memory amount corresponding to the memory available on your computer, it will help to monitor your memory usage.
If the program doesn't start it might be because you don't have enough memory.
Try again by clicking on a link specifying less memory.
If you don't have Java WebStart installed on you computer you will need to download it in order to start GenPlay.
You can download the most recent version  [http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp here]
The version 1.6 of Java is recommended to run GenPlay. Any more recent version can also be used.
'''Note:''' The 32-bit Java WebStart is limited on some system to 1GB of memory.
The Java 64-bit virtual machine is available only for 64 operating systems with a 64-bit web browser but is not limited to 1GB.
We really recommend to use the 64-bit version of Java if possible.
== Demo ==
=== ChIP-Seq Demo ===
Two preloaded projects of GenPlay are available.  The first one is the result of a ChIP-Seq analysis.  There is two versions of the project: a light version showing the data only on the chromosome one that you can start [http://www.genplay.net/tutorials/ChIP-Seq/WebStart/ChIP-Seq_tutorial_project_Chr1.jnlp here] and a genome wide version, that needs more memory to be loaded [http://www.genplay.net/tutorials/ChIP-Seq/WebStart/ChIP-Seq_tutorial_project.jnlp here].
The project shows multiple tracks resulting from a ChIP-Seq analysis described in the tutorial section of this website. Since the resolution of the tracks is really high, please allow 1-3 minutes for the project to load after the main window pops-up. Drag the tracks horizontally and use the mouse wheel to navigate on the genome. Right click on the track handlers to show the operation menu.
=== TimEX Demo ===
The second demo project is the result of the genome wide TimEX analysis presented in the tutorial section of this website.  This demo can be launched [http://www.genplay.net/tutorials/TimEX/WebStart/TimEX_tutorial_project.jnlp here].

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Note: GenPlay is a free program that can be used, redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
However, we also need to keep track of our number of users in order to create reports to our funding agencies.
For this reason, a free registration is required in order to download GenPlay from this website.